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What to Pack for Disney Alaska Cruise

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You are counting the days as your Disney Alaska Cruise approaches. It is going to be the best time of your life. But first, packing needs to be done. Packing for a trip can be stressful, and cruise packing is even more so since you are moving between areas that might require different clothes.

However, you don’t need to stress about packing for your Disney Alaska cruise at all. We have a complete list of what and what not to take so that you won’t be caught with your pants down, so to speak. So let’s get right to it.

What to Pack for Disney Alaska Cruise


The clothing you pack is essential because you will be doing activities onboard and onshore, and they require different clothing for a delightful experience. These are the various clothing items that you should be tossing in that suitcase:

Onboard Clothing

Casual Homewear

You will spend some of your time just being inside your cabin on the ship. Dress comfortably as you would at home because you are in a climate-controlled environment, so there is no need for faux fur coats and scarves when you are in your room. Instead, a pair of jeans with a t-shirt will be great.

Light Sweaters

If you go on a stroll at night, it can be cool, so a light sweater will do the trick.

A Jacket

The wind can make it feel much colder than it is while you are on deck. When the cruise passes by breathtaking glaciers, you’ll find it very chilly, so you’ll be happy you brought your jacket. A warm hat, scarf, and gloves are also welcome additions.

Dinner Outfits

Although it isn’t required, most guests like to dress up for dinner. However, if you like eating your steak in a pair of jeans and your favorite tee, feel free to do so. It’s your vacation, after all.

On Shore

Comfortable Walking Shoes

The last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable as you go on an excursion on shore. You’d much rather want to take in all the sites and experience everything it has to offer without any discomfort from your shoes.


Activewear is a great idea if you are planning active shore excursions. For activities like kayaking, hiking, or dog-sledding, you want to be ready for it all with activewear that won’t get in your way from having fun.

Warm Jackets or Coats

When you are off the ship, you want to be warm and comfortable. Jackets and coats are great options because they provide layering opportunities.

Comfy Clothes

Comfortable clothes that can easily be put on or removed in public. A hoodie is an excellent idea since you can take it off if you feel warm because of a brisk walk.

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Do I Need to Take Formal and Semi-formal Clothes?

The term formal is very subjective; thus, formal for me might not be formal for you. Therefore, a formal night is as formal as you’d like it to be. It is worth noting that the Palo restaurant has a dress code, and if you’d like to dine there for either brunch or dinner, you’ll be expected to dress up.

What Other Things Should I Take?

When you’re on a cruise, you spend a lot of time outside. So here are a few more things that you won’t regret packing:

  • A good sun hat if you are sensitive to the sun.
  • Sunglasses are a great idea.
  • It is vital to pack sunscreen. Many people think it’s not necessary because Alaska is cold, but it can be sunny, and you can get a severe sunburn from the water’s reflection.
  • It is a Disney trip, so if you like Disneywear, now is the time to pull out your Mickey ears! But, of course, dressing up as your favorite Disney character is entirely optional.
  • A purse, a bag, or a backpack for easy carrying is a good idea.
  • A water bottle can save you the extra costs and effort of buying water during the trip.
  • If you prefer not to use your phone’s camera, remember to pack the camera that you want to use for those perfect pics.
  • Binoculars are a great idea, especially if you are traveling with kids. Checking out the shore before you get there is exciting and fun.
  • Ziplock bags are always a great idea to take on a trip because they are versatile and don’t take up much space.

Do I need to pack my toiletries?

Disney offers the standard expected toiletries, including:

  • shampoo
  • conditioner
  • body wash
  • moisturizer

It is essential to know that these are suitable for adult use, so if you are traveling with a baby, best to bring your baby’s toiletries along. Insect repellent and sunscreen will be necessary, too.

What Should I Not Pack?

  • Extension cords are not permitted on Disney Cruise Lines.
  • Disney also prohibits the use of door hanger organizers, and if you bring yours, they will be confiscated if found. If you manage to get them on the cruise and damage the paint on the door, you will be charged.
  • Disney Cruises doesn’t allow pool toys to be brought onto the ship. Lifejackets are unnecessary since the cruise has plenty for all shapes and sizes.
  • ​Candles and incense are fire hazards on board, and therefore they are prohibited items.

What Should I Consider to be Carry On?

As with all luggage, carry-on items will be screened before you board. It is good advice to approach your carry-on the same on a Disney cruise as you would for an airline.

Here are some things you should pack in your carry on:

  • any prescription medication
  • your glasses or sunglasses
  • all your essential travel documents
  • your money and bank cards
  • electronics
  • camera and camera equipment
  • jewelry and other valuable things


Getting ready for your Disney cruise to Alaska doesn’t have to be a battle. If you are organized and remain calm, packing for your unforgettable trip will be clear sailing.

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