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What to Wear in Cuba?

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When you think of Cuba, there are inevitably a few things that come to mind. Things like cigars, cool cars, and delicious food. But there is more to this island country than that. The country is filled with lush and diverse landscapes and a history that is just as diverse.

So it is no surprise that many people look to visit Cuba. Once you have cleared the red tape and memorized the restrictions that being a tourist in the country brings with it, you then can start thinking about important stuff like what to wear in Cuba.

In this article, we are going to take a look at a few tips and suggestions when it comes to this very question. So if you’re getting ready to pack for your trip to Cuba, make sure to keep reading. We will help you choose what to take with you.

Style Tips

Before you decide what to wear during your exploration days and your cool nights, we thought you could use a few style tips. Here are some of the ones we think will help you the most:

  • Like on most trips, you may want to be cautious of how flashy you dress. Make sure to leave expensive jewelry and other goods at home. Instead, go for a low key vibe when cruising through Cuba.
  • Cuba is a tropical island, and that means it can be a little humid. So when looking at fabrics, you might want to look at lightweight natural ones. Fabrics like linen or cotton are nice.
  • Trade winds cool Cuba, so the nights can get a little chilly and windy. Make sure you include a light sweater or jacket in your suitcase.
  • Even during the warm summer months, you need to pack a pair of pants. There are some restaurants that don’t permit shorts.
  • For the ladies, make sure to include a nice sundress. That way, if you decide to dress up for dinner, you are set.
  • Make sure to bring a long skirt and a scarf if you wear tank tops. This way, you will be appropriately dressed if you want to visit some of Cuba’s beautiful religious sites.
  • A great thing for all ladies to include in your suitcase is a large scarf. If you choose the right one, you will be able to use it as a shoulder throw for the night or as a sarong for your time at the beach.
  • You may also want to pack a small handkerchief or two. The country is humid, as we have discussed, and that means there will be sweat. Having a handkerchief handy to wipe that sweat away could be a lifesaver.

During the Day

Okay, so now that you have a few ideas of styling tips, let’s look at your day wear. As we mentioned above, this country has a warm tropical climate, which means you should dress for the weather. Along with that, though, you want to be comfortable as you tour the sights. Lightweight, breathable clothes are the best option.

Maybe try a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. But if you are out later, you also may want to bring a light jacket. Depending on the time of year you are there, the weather may seem unreliable. It may be super sunny one minute and downpouring the next. So maybe make sure you keep a poncho or umbrella handy at all times.

Evening Wear

Cuba isn’t super formal. In fact, it’s a pretty laidback country, but there may be times that dress up is required. This will most likely be in the evening. That means when you have spent all day at the beach or out sightseeing, you may want to stop off at the hotel and get freshened up.

This doesn’t mean a suit, of course, or a fancy dress. For men, you can get away with a nice polo or casual button-down paired with dark denim or chinos. Ladies can wear a simple sundress, and a pair of nice sandals will do just fine.

When choosing fabrics, you should abide by the same rules as during the day. Stay away from synthetic fibers; otherwise, you might end up with armpit stains. Shoes can be casual dress as well. There is a fun party atmosphere in the country, so you may want to look into that. Check out the venue’s dress codes to get some sort of idea of what else you should pack.

Things to Avoid

We have talked about what to wear when in Cuba, but there are also things that should be avoided when packing. Of course, we have already mentioned expensive jewelry. There are some problems with theft and so staying subtle is a good idea for both ladies and gentlemen.

For the ladies, we suggest not packing a bunch of sundresses. That is unless you plan to stay at the resorts or on the beach. If you plan to do any sightseeing in the city or out into the island, sundresses are not very practical.

Another consideration is footwear. Most shoes will work. However, it might be advisable to stay away from ones that have no grip, especially when walking the streets of the cities. Flip flops may be ill-advised as well, unless you’re at the beach. (Sandals are most definitely fine, though.)

Final Thoughts

Remember, no matter what, the first step should be researching the weather of the season you are traveling in. Then consider what you plan to do when you are there. Those that want to stay at the beach the majority of the time will have a different wardrobe than those that are staying in Havana and sightseeing.

With all of that worked out, you can then start to look at activities you want to do, and then you should be able to create a packing list that will have you prepared for everything you may face on your vacation to Cuba.

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